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What's Pneu?


PNEU PNEUMA GODCAST (pronounced "new newmah") was founded by Norman Brown in December 2009 out of a desire burning in his heart to have a place to share triumphant stories of followers of Jesus Christ. At the time, it was operated under the name Word Life Radio, which is the name of the Christian Internet Radio Station, which was given to him as a vision from God in 1998.

The podcast was started before the word "podcast" even existed, on Blog Talk In 2018, Norman gave the podcast its official name "Pneu Pneuma", but added Godcast later for emphasis of the focus of the podcast, and for it to stand out for the rest of the podcasts in the world. Pneu Pneuma stands out as a fresh Christian voice that comes out of the Urban experience and is already internationally respected, and will surely make a major impact globally in years to come.

The podcast features locally, nationally and internationally recognized ministers, artists, business owners, athletes and more. Norman interviews people such as Bill Vanderbush (Pastor/Author), Traci Vanderbush (Author), Anthony Lee (Pro Basketball Player), Melissa Lee (Pro Basketball Player), Cruz Cordero (The Cross Movement), Will Ford, III (Christ For The Nations School), Rich Brink (East Gate Revival Ministries), and artists such as Steven Malcolm, K-Drama, Dee Black & Too Phliy to name a few, and Chad Horton (Rapzilla, CEO) among many others.

Pneu Pneuma, is not just any podcast. It is a source of inspiration, information and revelation. Coming from a Christian perspective with a Hip Hop edge to it, it gives listeners an insight into things from a perspective that is young enough to reach the youth, but old enough to reach an older generation also. Norman is a veteran in podcasting, with over 12 years experience.

In 2018, Norman switched to the Mixcloud platform, from using the BlogTalkRadio platform, and then finally he switched to in 2019. Since Pneu Pneuma first aired on in April 2019, the amount of downloads weekly has increased by 4500% as of April 2021 (2 years on the Anchor platform). As of April 2021, Pneu Pneuma is being listened to in 47 U.S. States, 43 countries, 2 provinces and 382 cities worldwide. When it's all said and done, you can count on two things coming out on Pneu Pneuma Godcast: Real talk & New life.



We speak to the culture and relate how the kingdom of God should impact it.


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Revealed knowledge through discussions and interviews.


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We present God's kingdom world view on taboo or risqué subjects, as seen in God's word (The Bible).


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