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Among The Wolves: Exposing False Teachers and Experiencing Spiritual Healing Through Biblical Truth is a must read for those who have sat under a false prophet’s deceptive teaching, are under a false prophet’s teaching or have been close to a false prophet. It contains first-hand knowledge and insight from Norman Brown’s “7-year training” by the Holy Spirit’s leading through his personal experience.

This is one of the best, most honest books you will find on this subject matter. It is not only filled with fresh revelation, but it will sharpen your spiritual eyes to discern one who is a functioning false prophet, the spirit of a false prophet, to identify cults, to identify error in doctrine and to come to a place of spiritual wellness.

Norman doesn’t just give information in this book – he gives you what you need to hear concerning false prophets, cults, false teaching and more: raw truth! Today’s spiritual atmosphere is more challenging than ever and your spiritual health depends on your willingness to learn and change direction (including leaving the “church” you may currently attend to find one that is healthy and ordained by God).

Norman Brown’s book will show you how a false prophet moves, thinks, and adjusts their teaching of God’s word to fit their own agenda of master manipulation and control. Prepare yourself for a path to spiritual-healing and freedom to bring you into your destiny as a born-again Believer!